Saturday 11 March 2023

Ragdolly Anna

As the evenings get lighter and that man in the park with the tracksuit bottoms becomes more animated in his dealings with passers-by, all signs point to Winter finally beginning to end. And emerging from their hidey-hole in Mountpeg Towers like the Blue Peter tortoise with a hangover, the hosts of The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour uncork bottles once again to let their profane rambling drift across the streets below...

Don't get too excited, this is another entry to The Shed Sessions™, very much the lo-fi punk rock non-album-EP of the indie podcast movement; three guys grabbing the world by the TV schedules and laying down some hard facts and harder opinions of underground broadcasting in a post-truth age! So obviously they've chosen to dissect 1986 episode of the Pat Coombs voodoo adventure series, Ragdolly Anna.

Just how long is a coach journey which necessitates a full tin of cakes? Just how tall is Dummy? And just how high to you have to be to enjoy this programme?

Smuggle a cat onto public transport then spend the entire journey having a conversation into a wicker shopping basket to find out...


Ragdolly Anna
Broadcast: Thursday 30 January 1986, 16:15
Production/Channel: Yorkshire Television / Siriol Productions, ITV
Writer: Jean Kenward, Chris Stephens
Music: Allan Taylor
Producer/Director: Jane Taylor, John Allen, Cat, Other Cat
Starring: Pat Coombs, Michele Davidson

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