Friday 27 October 2023


Darkness falls across the land, the drinking hour is close at hand; to tear apart your very soul, and delve into The Glory Hole! Yes, as dusk strikes on the year The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour turns its attention to a truly seminal piece of vintage television that's sure to put the willies up anybody...

Under the spooktroscope this Samhain is BBC1's legendary Ghostwatch, the 1992 pseudo-documentary fronted by Sir Michael Parkinson, which exceeded its remit in terms of terrifying viewers and ultimately bequeathed a televisual legacy far greater than anyone had really intended. But cynicism is the enemy of awe as aeons pass, and there's no greater battle for emotional sincerity than the one playing in the viewing suite of MountPeg Towers this stormy evening.

How big is the cupboard under the stairs in a two-bedroom semi in suburban west-London? How come that person looks like them out of that thing that you can't quite place? And how come the Beeb got around Equity stipulations by employing people who clearly weren't actors?

Move the glass over PLAY and find out...


Broadcast: Sat 31 October 1992, 21:25
Production/Channel: BBC One
Writer: Stephen Volk
Music: Philip Appleby
Producer/Director: Ruth Baumgarten, Lesley Manning
Starring: Michael Parkinson, Sarah Greene, Mike Smith, Craig Charles, PIPES, Keith Ferrari, Brid Brennan, Michelle Wesson, Cherise Wesson, Gillian Bevan, Colin Stinton, Mark Lewis

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