Friday 14 January 2022

The Tomorrow People: The Monsoon Man

And as sure as night follows day, any exploratory jaunt into the televisual recesses of the 1970s in a bid to disprove proponents of misty-eyed nostalgia for 'telly the way it used to be' should be swiftly complemented by a trip to the mid-90s and the realisation that maybe it's just been slightly crap all along...

Yes, Doctor Velvet and Blackout have left the confines of MountPeg Towers once again and are being very kindly catered to by Simon and Ken at The ExtonMoss Experiment. In their collective quest to put away the gin as if a CSI team were about to come round looking for it, the fearsome foursome have returned to carry on demolishing The Tomorrow People, this time in its five-part story arc The Monsoon Man (I - II - III - IV - V).

How has throwing money at a TV programme somehow resulted in it becoming more bland? Which member of the cast once eyed up Doctor Velvet's hot dog at a Michael Jackson concert? And can Dame Peggy Mount's array of voluminous hat and cape combination-sets be any consolation for a distinct lack of blue leotards this time around?

The best way to find out is by pressing that button with the triangle on it...


The Tomorrow People: The Monsoon Man (Parts 1-5)
Broadcast: Tuesdays, 08 February - 15 March 1994, 16:40
Production/Channel: Thames, ITV
Writer: Lee Pressman, Grant Cathro, Roger Price (created by)
Music: Andrew Phillips
Producer/Director: Alan Horrox, Niall Leonard
Starring: Peggy Mount, Naomie Harris, Kristian Schmid, Christian Tessier, Laurence Bouvard, Christopher Benjamin, William Hootkins, Kerry Shale

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