Sunday 15 May 2022

The Spaceman and King Arthur (aka Unidentified Flying Oddball)

But lo, something is in the air! The evenings are lighter, the breeze is warmer and the studio at MountPeg Towers might even be getting closer to its annual clean (don't hold your breath. Actually, holding your breath in there might be an idea). Yes, spring has sprung and drink will be drunk as Doctor Velvet and Blackout presage the new series of The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour with a quintet of special episodes focusing on big screen entertainment; albeit viewed on a small screen...

The first cinematic gem to stagger through the mists of time is Disney's 1979 live-action historical sci-fi farce, The Spaceman and King Arthur (aka Unidentified Flying Oddball), with a welter of British talent and perhaps more sauce than one might expect for this sort of dish.

Just how loose can The Science be in a script, before it can no longer be legally classified as science-fiction? Just how tense can an auditorium of accompanying adults become as a film tries to balance Arthurian legend hat-tips and a running joke about bongo mags? And which of our impressionable hosts was brainwashed by the film into belting bits of old metal with a hammer in order to make magnets?

Our Feature Presentation is one way to find out...


The Spaceman and King Arthur
Original release: 12 August 1979
Studio/Distributor: Walt Disney Productions / Buena Vista Distribution
Writer: Don Tait
Music: Ron Goodwin
Producer: Ron Miller
Director: Russ Mayberry
Starring: Dennis Dugan, Sheila White, Jim Dale, Ron Moody, Kenneth More, John Le Mesurier, Rodney Bewes, Pat Roach, Bruce Boa

In the future they can paint out the wires, but not in the past...

...and if you want to read some words about the film which aren't quite so flippant, you can do that here:

The Spaceman and King Arthur is on the roster of Disney+ and available to rent or buy digitally from YouTube and Amazon Prime. A DVD release, VHS and novelisation are also available on the secondary-market.

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