Saturday 3 June 2023

Scream (1984)

Well, the weather may be warming up but there's a chill in the air at MountPeg Towers. Producer Ken's back from the paper shop and he's brought something to put the willies right up Doctor Velvet and Blackout. Naturally, their combination of morbid curiosity, short memory span and chronic boredom means they're only too willing to oblige...

Setting up stall for dark things to come once the TV schedules re-ignite, the first issue of 1984 horror comic Scream comes in for a playfully gruesome dissection. All manner of horrors await our heroes as reality melts, death is only a heartbeat away, and dreams and nightmares collide in 32 pages of panic that'll have everyone cowering under the continental quilt...

Is a shovel the best implement for fighting off a horde of rabid cats? Is the front garden the best place for burying an unembalmed body?And is neat vodka suitable for sterilising plastic fangs?

If you think you're brave enough, click Play and find out...


Cover Date: 24 March 1984
Publisher: IPC Magazines
Editor: Ghastly McNasty (w/ Barrie Tomlinson)
Features: The Dracula File, Monster, The Thirteenth Floor, Tales From The Grave: The Undertaker, A Ghastly Tale, Fiends and Neighbours, Library Of Death: At Death's Door, Terror Of The Cats
Contributors: Gerry Finlay-Day, Eric Bradbury, Alan Moore, Heinzl, Ian Holland, Josè Ortiz, Tom Tully, Jim Watson, Les Lilley, Graham Allen, Barrie Tomlinson, Cam Kennedy, John Agee, Josè Gonzalez

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