Monday 26 June 2023

The Incredible Robert Baldick: Never Come Night

Ah, Summer bares its all once again; that golden orb at its zenith heralding the start of Sunburnt Party Season™ where conversation flows like wine and wine flows like a regulation-breaching sewage outlet. Although at The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour, so does the conversation. And so it falls, the propitious gentlemen of The ExtonMoss Experiment podcast have once again thrown open their doors for a visit by Doctor Velvet and Blackout. Naturally once arriving, this latest meeting of minds involves pulling the curtains, uncorking the gin and watching television that's half a century old...

Coming under the new-fangled antique microscope this solsticetide is BBC Two's 1972 one-off Victorian supernatural / inventor / detective drama The Incredible Robert Baldick: Never Come Night, a seminal piece of sci-fi TV from Dalek-scribe Terence Nation and starring the redoubtable Robert Hardy, the jocund John Rhys Davies and the inscrutable James Cossins.

When is the United Kingdom's fledgling rail network going to connect with the isolated 400m stretch of privately-owned track to which Baldick so proudly lays claim? When will our hero's servant-folk get tired of blindly doing a billionaire's bidding and tell him to go dig the hole himself? And when will the wine react with the cork and go bad?

Find out by pressing the PLAY button on this mysterious, unearthed device that's up to the eyes in clarts...


The Incredible Robert Baldick: Never Come Night
Broadcast: Mon 02 October 1972, 21:25
Production/Channel: BBC Two
Writer: Terry Nation
Music: Anthony Isaac
Producer/Director: Anthony Coburn, Cyril Coke
Starring: Robert Hardy, John Rhys Davies, Julian Holloway, Reginald Marsh, James Cossins, Barry Andrews, Ron Welling, Dave Mobley, Paul Humpoletz

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