Saturday 27 May 2023

Smash Hits (1987)

The boys of The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour continue their turbulent odyssey of past periodicals as voices begin to break, clothes start to matter more, and you can be entirely judged on liking an incorrect song from the hit parade. Yes, it's a return to the awkward years of enforced superficiality as 1980s teen culture comes under the beeroscope.

And it rarely gets more awkward than this issue of legendary music mag, Smash Hits. Seemingly penned by a range of journalists who despise music, the Autumn 1987 advertisement-directory also features fictionalised interviews and lyrics for songs which never existed. For a relic of the pre-internet era, it's all remarkably meta...

How many pints is Rick Astley going to neck as he tries to shake his interviewer? How many articles is Doctor Velvet going to take extreme exception to? And how many pounds is Blackout likely to spend on a Personal Cassette Player™?

You can press Play here, or dial 0898 [REDACTED] to find out...


Smash Hits
Cover Date: 09 September 1987
Publisher: EMAP
Editor: Barry McIlheney
Features: The Sisters Of Mercy, Michael Jackson, The Housemartins, Rick Astley, Then Jerico, Black, The Pet Shop Boys, Danny Wilson, Heart, Bon Jovi
Contributors: Tom Hibbert, Lola Borg, Ian Cranna, Fred Dellar, David Keeps, Richard Lowe, Vici McDonald, Ro Newton, Derrin Schlesinger

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