Saturday 20 May 2023

Eagle (1982)

It's Saturday morning once again, and what would the weekend even be without a trip to the paper shop, a plain paper bag full of unbranded sweets that have all been individually handled by the friendly newsagent, and a comic - nay magazine, surely? - to get stuck into before World Of Sport comes on?

This week, beguiled by colourful illustrations of fearsome aliens and a cover-mounted Free Gift, the hosts of The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour have been have parted with twenty pence to partake in the first issue of the relaunched Eagle comic from 1982. Aimed at boisterously opinionated boys who love sci-fi, horror and crime-fighting intrigue (and who have a penchant for collecting tat), this feels like it was created in a secret government lab to appeal to Doctor Velvet and Blackout...

Will the mysterious man who embodied Sgt Streetwise ever be found? Will the post-apocalyptic survivors of London Town ever find a leader who actually understands the tube network? And will somebody please help Mike Read..?

Launch your free Space Spinner™ at the Play button, and find out...


Cover Date: 27 March 1982
Publisher: IPC Magazines
Features: Doomlord, Thunderbolt And Smokey, Sgt Streetwise, Dan Dare, The Tower King, The Collector
Contributors: Alan Grant, Gary Compton, Tom Tulley, John Powell, Gerry Finlay-Day, Dave Watts, BJ Tomlinson, Gerry Embleton, Alan Hebden, José Ortiz, Roy Preston, Pat Wright, Ron Smith, Peter Davison, Daley Thompson, Mike Read

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