Saturday 13 May 2023

Star Wars Summer Special (1983)

Yes, there's still nothing on the telly so the boys from The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour turn to the wise counsel of their local newsagent for solace, distraction and entertainment. Well, they sent Producer Ken down there. That Front Street's seen better days, mind...

His successful journey apparently via the Galaxy Far, Far Away, coming under the macrobinoculars this week is May 1983's Star Wars Summer Special; subjected here to more editorial appraisal than it ever was in May 1983. With industrial genocide, trans-dimensional cults and hypnotic death-monkeys, this UK-centric spin on everyone's favourite feelgood fantasy is sure to test the very limits of the words "Star Wars", "Summer" and indeed "Special".

What's happened with the timeline when Han Solo is working with the Rebels he met after the Death Star to steal a ship he already owned before the Death Star? What's happened with Imperial procurement when staff are turning up to work in a tracksuit their mam bought off the market? And who's responsible for casting Chewbacca's understudy?

Jump to hyperspace (or press Play) and find out...


Star Wars Summer Special
Cover Date: May 1983
Publisher: Marvel UK
Editor: Paul Neary
Features: Flight Of The Falcon, Rust Never Sleeps, The Pandora Effect, Death Masque
Contributors: Steve Parkhouse, John Stokes, Alan Moore, Alan Davis, Adolfo Buylla, Steve Moore, Jenny O’Connor

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