Saturday 6 May 2023

Look-In (1981)

It's almost time for a new series of the Peggy Mount Calamity Hour, but Doctor Velvet and Blackout are very aware that if they keep sitting in front of that box they'll go square-eyed. With that in mind, our heroes take a break from watching the telly, and begin a handful of vintage periodical retrospectives by reading about it instead...

First to plop onto the doormat is a September 1981 issue of Look-In magazine, the 'Junior TV Times' of the pre-deregulation era which created, trained and honed an entire generation of nitpicking television obsessives; the end result of which is podcasts like this one.

How widely can the viewing demographic of 'pre-teen TV audience' be stretched, in an age where there are only three channels so 10yr olds watch pretty much anything they're allowed to stay up for? How narrowly does one of the hosts avoid a murderous rage, after poring over every page of a publication which apparently doesn't have time for proofreaders? And where do you have to live if you want to watch Chopper Squad?

Fill out a little form, hand it to your podsagent, hit Play and find out...


Cover Date: 5 September 1981
Publisher: Independent Television Publications
Features: Tiswas, Elvis, Ventriloquism, Buck Rogers, Worzel Gummidge, Cannon & Ball, Kate Bush, Smuggler, CHiPs, Spandau Ballet, Slaughtering

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