Saturday 8 April 2023

Heads And Tails / In Company

Finally the weather starts to warm up, and as we all know in the Spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love. The hosts of The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour are not young men, of course. They are resolutely (and perennially) middle-aged, and so their jaded thoughts are of mowing the lawn, if they must. Which, naturally, means going In The Shed.

That's right dear listener, this outing is another in the ongoing series of Shed Sessions recordings, and this time the proceedings are of a decidedly musical bent. The first stop is bathing in the quirky glory of nature with Sir Derek Griffiths' Heads And Tails, and when the sun has set but the heat's still up it's round for drinks at Dame Cleo Laine's luxury pad, noting of course that she's always In Company...

How many session fees is D.Griffith racking up after adhering to the M.Union rules about separate instruments requiring different lines in the budget? How many shots is J.Thaw necking every time he knows the camera isn't on him? And how many consecutive days had the presenters of this podcast been awake and drinking by this point? C.Laine, get immediately down to business and find out...


Heads And Tails
Broadcast: Fri 01 June 1979, 13:30
Production/Channel: BBC One
Researcher: Anne Denehy
Music: Derek Griffiths
Producer: Michael Cole
Starring: Derek Griffiths, Sheep, Dogs, Pigs.

In Company
Broadcast: Tue 20 December 1975, 21:30
Production/Channel: BBC Two
Music: Cleo Laine, Jonny Dankworth
Producer: Don Sayer
Starring: Cleo Laine, Jonny Dankworth, Sheila Hankcock, John Thaw

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