Friday 19 June 2020

Rentaghost / You're Only Young Twice

In the opening gambit of the new series, Doctor Velvet and Blackout fittingly dust off inaugural episodes of Rentaghost and You're Only Young Twice*, and place them neatly on the parlour table ready for discussion...

Will the systematic postmortem and subsequent dissection of a theme tune be successfully cathartical to Blackout? As an infant, who had a pathological fear of shouting, stout women? Just who is Ronnie Cobain and why does he have such a penchant for his trusty platignum?

Listening to this episode may provide some answers...

* Unfortunately there are no links here to watch these episodes. While your hosts endeavour to find publicly-accessible versions of the shows we review to act as reference material, we do not upload them ourselves. Normal service will resume next week (assuming the links are still valid by then - what can one do?)

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