Saturday 11 July 2020

Jigsaw / Terry & June

Doctor Velvet and Blackout are caught on-the-hop and without the best doilies out, as the podcast plays host to an impromptu visitor! Yes, The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour has its first guest of the series in the shape of Mr Ozzy Bognops, all the better to decode the linguistic mysteries of Jigsaw and the middle-class angst of Terry & June.

How many condenser mics could realistically be hired under the budget of a 1970s children's television programme? How long would you be expected to wait at a phonebox when meeting your other half, once you realise there's a BBC film crew ten yards away? And how large is the comedy-connoisseur crossover demographic between the Medfords and The Young Ones?

We're going to need a bigger drinks cabinet...

Ref the pro-level crossover of Ackles & Bream / Ackland & Bream of Purland Way in Carshalton from Terry & June (1979) and The Young Ones (1984): See? We're not making it up...

(and a tip-of-the-hat to daleteague17 on Flickr for also noticing this, confirming our suspicions through a cursory search before we even got the Young Ones DVDs off the shelf)

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