Friday 31 December 2021

Take The High Road / Family Fortunes Hogmanay Special

OCH! Well help our boabs and jing our crivvens, The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour finds itself queuing once more at Berwick's passport office in an annual pilgrimage northward for the New Year's Eve celebrations, where all Blackout, Doctor Velvet and Ozzy Bognops have to declare is some pretty firm Opinions™ on the television of years past...

Their first-foot is a trip to the rural majesty of Glendarroch, where domestic strife and highfalutin corporate angst stand shoulder-to-shoulder. Will auld acquaintances be forgot in time for the bells to ring in the new year? The only way to find out is to Take The High Road. Then it's a rest from All The Drama and onto All The Fun (or a percentage thereof); no festive season would be complete without a visit from Les Dennis, here this time to host a hooting Hogmanay Special of Family Fortunes as he pits two Scottish clans against one another in a survey-analysis to the death.

Does every croft North Of The Border have a special room where all the sound effects are kept? Do ITV's gameshow booking department only have the phone number of one village hall in Scotland? And how long can Blackout keep doing that accent before half his family disown (or claymore) him?

Make it YOUR New Year's resolution to hit PLAY and find out...

(NOTE: If you want to count down to midnight with us in the show, start the podcast at 22:49:04.
That's forty nine minutes and four seconds past ten o'clock at night. Smashing.)


Take The High Road
Broadcast: Wed 31 December 1980, 13:30
Production /Channel: STV, ITV
Writer: Peter May, Don Houghton (Created By)
Music: Silly Wizard
Producer/Director: Clarke Tait, Peter Barber-Fleming
Starring: Edith McArthur, Paul Kermack, Muriel Romanes, Marjorie Thomson, Peter Finlay, Iain Agnew, Caroline Ashley

Family Fortunes Hogmanay Special
Broadcast: Fri 28 December 1990, 19:00
Production /Channel: Central, ITV
Writer: Howard Imber, Wally McKinley, Garry Chambers, Mark Goodson (Created By)
Producer/Director: Tony Wolfe, Jenny Dodd
Starring: Les Dennis, The Smith Family (Terry, Michael, Jerry, Tommy, John), The Nisbet* Family (Wilma, Sandra, Grace, Margaret, Roberta)


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