Friday 24 June 2022

The Moomins / My Husband And I / Science Workshop

Yes, the sun is blazing and fun is being had, which means it must be time once again for our intrepid heroes to close the curtains, open some bottles and spend what is arguably the best part of the year huddled indoors furiously scribbling notes at the idiot's lantern about programmes that normal people watched three or four decades ago then promptly forgot.

In this trailer for the exciting NEW SERIES of The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour, normal televisual service is resumed as Doctor Velvet and Blackout nurse a crushing hangover with The Moomins, pop over for drinks with My Husband And I, and invite Ozzy Bognops round to test the very nature of reality in the Science Workshop.

What is the Scandinavian for "a double alka seltzer, two hot dogs and back to bed for an hour while you STOP playing that flute"? Who has the right - or the might - to pick up Alan White's gauntlet of going round shops to perform impromptu audits on their scales? And how do we still not have day-jobs that involve necking Sherry with Mollie Sudgen in her office at 3pm?

The answers lie shortly after pressing that Play button...


The Moomins
Broadcast: Monday 24 January, 1983
Production/Channel: Semaphore / Jupiter Film / FilmFair, BBC One
Writer: Lucjan Dembinski, Maria Kossakowska, Tove Jansson, Anne Wood
Music: Graeme Miller, Steve Shill
Director: Lucjan Dembinski
Starring: Richard Murdoch (voice)

My Husband And I
Broadcast: Friday 09 January, 1987
Production/Channel: Yorkshire Television, ITV
Writer: Pam Valentine, Michael Ashton
Producer/Director: Graham Wetherell
Starring: Mollie Sugden, William Moore, Deddie Davies, Carol Hawkins

Science Workshop
Broadcast: Wednesday 18 January, 1984
Production/Channel: BBC Schools
Writer: Eurfron Jones
Producer/Director: Michael Coyle
Starring: David Hargreaves, Lilian Evans, Malcolm McFee

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