Saturday 27 August 2022

The Transformers / The Larkins

It's early mornings and late nights this week on The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour, as our hosts test the theory that the greatest things arrive at either end of a day's scheduling.

The first stop on today's televisual trek comes hiding in plain sight, as TVAM's premiere episode of The Transformers comes in for some arch reminiscence and critical scrutiny. And later, what better way to round off a long week than with Peggy Mount boldly waving the flag for sitcoms still to come, as we meet The Larkins?

Have we voyaged far enough across the galaxy for a being shaped remarkably like a re-arranged Freightliner FL86 to finally fit in? Have we travelled far enough back in time to find A Farce™ that Doctor Velvet can stomach? And how far do we have to go before the most literal lavatorial humour ceases to be the easiest way to derail a pair of childish podcast hosts?

If you're absolutely sure your electronic device is really what it purports to be, then go ahead and press Play to find out...

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The Transformers
Broadcast: '1985'
Production/Channel: Marvel / Sunbow / Toei Animation, ITV
Writer: George Arthur Bloom, Henry Orenstein
Music: Johnny Douglas
Producer/Director: Nelson Shin, John Gibbs
Starring: Peter Cullen, Corey Burton, Scatman Crothers, Christopher Collins, Casey Kasem, Don Messick, Frank Welker, John Stephenson

The Larkins
Broadcast: Friday 19 September 1958, 22:15
Production/Channel: Associated Television, ITV
Writer: Fred Robinson
Music: Jackie Brown
Producer/Director: Bill Ward
Starring: Peggy Mount, David Kossoff, Ronan O'Casey, Frank Williams, Shaun O'Riordan, Ruth Trouncer

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