Saturday 24 October 2020

Bod / The Good Old Days

In this euphonious and mellifluous episode, Doctor Velvet and Blackout are joined once again by the estimable Oswald Bognops to partake of repartee a la television vintage. Rural yet congenial hospitality is the order of the day as our ‘wholly' trinity of annotators sample the delights of country living, courtesy of Bod and his mates, who’ve decided to open a rooming house of sorts ‘pon arable farmland. To follow, entertainment is prolific at the local music hall where The Good Old Days ensure a munificent and magnanimous musical meandering through the multitude of moldings made for the variety stage of yesteryear.

Just what is Aunt Flo doing? Are the bucolic yet polemical outdoor activities of Bod’s posse as wanton as semi-inebriated, under-graduate humour would infer? Did Maggie Henderson only work Saturdays? Does Ozzy Bognops drag his pianoforte to every social occasion? Could this be the last show in the current series? And once again…just what is Aunt Flo doing?

The answers are all in this specially-extended bumper issue!

To note...
Today's performance is brought to you by the Eternia National Ballet...

...and by someone our legal team has asked us to say is not in any way Mr. Noel Fielding Snr.

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1 comment:

  1. This was a supreme episode, absolutely howled laughing.


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