Tuesday 27 October 2020

Drak Pack / 3-2-1

We reconvene with our couple of contumelious and cogent cajolers at the embarkation of a week of Samhain celebrations, to dust the sprawling cobwebs from a solid-oak planchette and summon ghostly intimations from televisual spectres long since departed. The first calling heralds the manifestation of a triumvirate of American film studio derivatives in the form of 1980’s Drak Pack; the animated adventures following the descendants of Hollywood’s horror-stars of a Silver cinematic Age. Their potentially-monochromatic appearance drives our two Hallowe’en hoodlums onward down a clue-ridden pathway to a paucity of prizes, courtesy of Yorkshire Television’s 3-2-1, in a 1982 episode entitled Spine-chillers.

Is it possible for a doorway to have deep-rooted psychological connotations? Just how proud can one man be, of the position he fills in a nine-to-five job? Does Henry McGee actually have teeth? Creep into the crypt and you may just find out…

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The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour is a free podcast from iPorle Media, which holds production copyright. Opinions and recollections expressed are not to be taken as fact. The title and credit music is by Doctor Velvet. Audio segments from television programmes are presented for review and informational purposes only under fair use, and no ownership of these is claimed or implied by this show. Email enquiries to PeggyMountPod@gmail.com

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