Thursday 29 October 2020

Emu's All-Live Pink Windmill Show / Sapphire & Steel

The second tarry of the week approaching TotenSonntag finds our dour duo, Velvet and Blackout, immersed in a world of windmills, witches and whimsy, as their voyage whisks them to the dark delights offered by Emu’s All Live Pink Windmill Show; a showcase of the soured cream of stage school talent amongst other anti-climactic features. The cheery, naive tone of the antipodean bird’s comfort zone is suddenly torn asunder however, as supernatural elements conspire to cloak the mood with temporal confusion and complication, as a knock at the door reveals the arrival of intergalactic agents Sapphire and Steel in their inaugural unnerving outing.

Will Purdey be perturbed at the fact that Illya Kuryakin has emulated her trademark haircut? Who is Will Purdey? How many of the Pink Windmill Kids wish that television, as a form of media consumption, was no longer a thing? How many of the rest of us are sorry that it ever was? More importantly, WHAT THE HELL IS PJ HAMMOND ON ABOUT? Listen on, and maybe you can assist…

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The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour is a free podcast from iPorle Media, which holds production copyright. Opinions and recollections expressed are not to be taken as fact. The title and credit music is by Doctor Velvet. Audio segments from television programmes are presented for review and informational purposes only under fair use, and no ownership of these is claimed or implied by this show. Email enquiries to

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