Tuesday 22 December 2020

The Mike Yarwood Christmas Show (1978)

In a return to the traditional enactment of yesteryear-viewing endemic to pre-1990, Velvet and Blackout play host to a Christmas guest who accompanies their scrutiny of an abundance of archetypes courtesy of Michael Yarwood and his Christmas Show of 1978. Not a politician nay a celebrity of the day is safe from the posturing, posing and parodying of the mimicking Mike and his arguably fundamental partnership with Janet Brown. Did said entertainment make an impression, or did it hang limply from a top lip like a Basil Fawlty prop that’s well passed its prime?

Just how much residual static lurks in that dinner suit? When and where did Anni-Frid Lyngstad meet Mark (Bez) Berry, and is their encounter documented in Tatler? Can we buy a jumper from Tom O’Connor? ‘Haway the lads’ and listen in…

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The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour is a free podcast from iPorle Media, which holds production copyright. Opinions and recollections expressed are not to be taken as fact. The title and credit music is by Doctor Velvet. Audio segments from television programmes are presented for review and informational purposes only under fair use, and no ownership of these is claimed or implied by this show. Email enquiries to PeggyMountPod@gmail.com

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