Tuesday 22 December 2020

Bullseye Christmas Celebrity Special (1988)

Our trenchant trinity of Velvet, Blackout and Bognops lend themselves to something traditionally competitive as they approach the oche and ‘take it steady’ before scoring Central Television’s Bullseye Christmas Celebrity Special from 1988. Accompanying James Bowen Esq. is of course Anthony Green, and in a manner uncannily similar to a Dickensian apologue, they're visited by visions from sport and show business past and present to aim some arrows for charity. Can the viewing of this schedule stalwart prove once and for all that one is inefficacious in the amelioration of a smidgen of the bovidae dos taurus?

Just what is distracting the studio audience? Where can one purchase garments of a confectionary-inspired shade? Why is that lady repeating EVERY WORD? Stay out of the black and in the red, and take your time…

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