Friday 9 July 2021

1983: Captain Zep / Manimal

Despite their oft-brash demeanour, it's not all about cold, hard analytical facts at The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour, and sometimes it does a brain well to relax with the more outré elements of vintage entertainment...

This week it's 1983, and Doctor Velvet and The Boy Blackout are joined once more by the stabilising (yet unerringly inebriating) presence of Ozzy Bognops, uncovering something rather arresting in the form of Captain Zep: Space Detective, before cycling through as many zoological transmutations as the handlers-budget will allow in the first episode of Manimal.

Have we really travelled to the far side of the galaxy only to find out that The French did it? Should Jonathan Chase be given Space Sentinel Astrea's phone number so he can get a few more actual ideas for animals to turn into? And mind, can these three not just enjoy anything?

Press the Play button and let's find out...

And mind, this is Roy Kinnear, isn't it..?

This is Roy Kinnear.

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