Friday 16 July 2021

1984: The Tripods / Dear Ladies

One of the primary aims of The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour is exploring the cultural dichotomy between celebrating the past, and doing so in a way which embraces present and ever-evolving technology. One of the other aims is getting drunk while doing so of course, which makes this the most potentially on-brand episode to date...

This week it's 1984 (although some are calling it 2089), and we drop in on one village in England where benevolent evil has arrived with a stonking great middle-leg in The Tripods, before pootling over to Stackton Tressel where a greater level of quiet chaos reigns under the arch glares of Hinge and Bracket, who are most definitely our Dear Ladies.

What happens in the future that all clothes have to come from a rural jumble sale taking place shortly after the first World War? At what point in the past was the formula cracked with even-more-old-fashioned comedy that would go on to entrance Messrs Velvet and Blackout in the future? And how come these programmes were hugely successful in the mid-1980s when there's not a sniff of neon?

We went digging and this was what we unearthed...

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