Sunday 29 May 2022


The televisual schedule continues to be utter rubbish and short of vintage gems to digest and dissect, Doctor Velvet and Blackout have once again sent Producer Ken round to the video shop to procure some small-screen cinematic entertainment for The Peggy Mount Sunday Matinee Hour...

This week he's returned with a 3L bottle of Rola Cola, a kilo of flying saucers and a well-worn tape of Charles Jarrott's blistering 1981 superhero / spy action adventure comedy, Condorman. Ken has several faults, but his ability to party is not one of them.

How does a comic-book illustrator with zero grasp of physics manage to find someone at the CIA to bankroll development of their ridiculous inventions? How easy is it to get an all-expenses-paid holiday all over Europe by telling Disney you're making a film with yellow costumes and no continuity advisor? And where do we sign up?

Thump your activator button, take a leap of faith and find out...


Original release: Thursday 02 July 1981 (United Kingdom)
Studio/Distributor: Walt Disney Productions / Buena Vista Distribution
Writer: Marc Stirdivant
Music: Henry Mancini
Producer: Jan Williams
Director: Charles Jarrott
Starring: Michael Crawford, Barbara Carrera, Oliver Reed, James Hampton

...and if you want to read some words about the film which aren't quite so frivolous, you can do that here:

Condorman is available to rent or buy digitally from AmazonPrime (albeit not in the UK) and on VHS or DVD, depending on your physical media preference. The soundtrack is available digitally on Spotify, and on Compact Disc if you have several hundred pounds you think you don't want (no, seriously). A novelisation was also produced, as were a series of comics.

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