Sunday 5 June 2022

The Boys In Blue

Summer has well and truly arrived outside MountPeg Towers, and since the Happy Shopper set up their own de-liver service it can largely stay there. Faced with the unpleasant prospect of putting in the effort to get fresh air, the intrepid hosts of The Peggy Mount Sunday Matinee Hour decide the only people they want to interact with is regular guest Ozzy Bognops, so invite him round to drink port and watch a video. Again.

What's needed before the great outdoors (and/or unwashed) can be braved is some good old fashioned moral fortitude, and where better to scrape inspiration than the 1982 crime caper The Boys In Blue? Starring Messrs Cannon and Ball, it's sure to be high on laughs if not on octane. You'd think.

How is it that TV-promo spots and display merchandising turn out to be more memorable than the films they're tasked to advertise? How did a top-notch supporting cast manage to not have their careers mothballed after starring in a Confessions film without the smut? And how is it that three podcasters finished recording this episode and then talked for another 45 minutes about a film they'd spent an hour dismissing?

Fire up the siren, call in a 10-51 and find out...


The Boys In Blue
Studio/Distributor: M.A.M., Rank Film Distributors
Writer: Val Guest
Music: Ed Welch
Producer: Brian Fox
Director: Val Guest
Starring: Tommy Cannon, Bobby Ball, Suzanne Danielle, Roy Kinnear, Eric Sykes, John Pertwee, Jack Douglas, Arthur English

And you, dear reader, may not quite remember The Boys In Blue, but rest assured it was A Thing...

...and if you want to read some words about the film which aren't quite so impertinent, you can do that here:

The Boys In Blue isn't currently available for streaming, but someone has uploaded the whole thing to YouTube and the rights-holders haven't requested it be taken down in the last six years, so what does that tell you? Fans of physical media can fill their shelves with the video tape and DVD. Ed Welch's magnificent soundtrack isn't out as an album for your music centre, but the 7" single of the title-song is.

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