Tuesday 19 July 2022

Mister T / Robin's Nest

In the spirit of camaraderie, co-operation and consideration, those kind gentlemen at Mountpeg Towers have lent their facilities to an up-and-coming rival podcast (albeit on strictly limited Soundcloud-only terms). And in the spirit of agile, responsive and seat-of-their-slacks media production, The Margaret Rutherford Misadventure Marathon chose the subject-matter of their copycat drunken analysis on the results of a Twitter-poll. Democracy continues to have much to answer for...

There are, as is traditional, two televisual treats under the microscope, the first of which could not be covered on PeggyMountPod for predictably practical reasons. Yes, Mister T finally makes a full animated appearance as 'The Cap Cod Caper' (or 'Mystery', if you prefer) is chosen for dissection. It's certainly a way to work up an appetite of course, and how better to sate this craving than dropping into Robin's Nest for a bite to eat and some light farce?

How bored and easily distracted are the New England staff-reporters at a gymnastics convention? How much comedy-milage can two sitcom writers be expected to wring out of a Chinese restaurant? And will Proctor Helmet and Cackout be allowed back in Pod Producer Ken's studio after the way they went on?

Press Play and see what you think...


Mister T
Broadcast: 1983 (US), 1984 (UK)
Production/Channel: Ruby Spears, ITV
Writer: Janis Diamond
Music: Rudy Larriva
Director: Rudy Larriva
Starring: Mister T, Alan Young, Phil LaMarr

Robin's Nest
Broadcast: Tuesday 11 January 1977, 20:30
Production/Channel: Thames Television, ITV
Writer: Johnnie Mortimer, Brian Cooke
Music: Richard O'Sullivan / Brian Bennett
Producer/Director: Peter Frazer-Jones
Starring: Richard O'Sullivan, Tessa Wyatt, Tony Britton, John Barrett, Hilda Braid

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