Friday 22 July 2022

Wizbit / Odd One Out

Ever keen to test the contemporary legitimacy of old idioms, The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour has noted that while good things may come in small packages, it does not stand to reason that all small packages are good. And there are few things smaller and with more questionable good-ness than the subject of this week's podcast...

In a Daniels-centric outing, Doctor Velvet and Blackout are joined by Ozzy Bognops to cast a critical eye over the seminal children's fantasy series Wizbit, before ramping up the tension with a nail-biting edition of the prime time quiz show Odd One Out.

How many excuses can three people give for watching programmes which really are not aimed at them? How many questions does Michael want to get right before he gives someone else a chance to play the ruddy game? And how many other podcasts do you know that would cover a Paul Daniels double-bill where neither of those is his magic show?

It's fingers on Play Buttons and first to find out wins...

You can download a special sheet to print out then safely collate your Peggy Mount Calamity Hour Quiz answers each week, here.:


Broadcast: Weds 13 January 1988, 16:25
Production/Channel: White Magic Productions, BBC One
Writer: Barry Murray
Music: Mike McNaught
Producer/Director: Barry Murray, Phil Bishop
Starring: Paul Daniels, Debbie McGee, Adrian Hedley, Vicky Licorish, Rob Inglis

Odd One Out
Broadcast: Circa 1983
Production/Channel: Action Time / Ralph Edwards Productions, BBC One
Writer: Howard Huntridge, Neil Shand, Julia Smalley
Music: Ronnie Hazlehurst
Producer/Director: Roger Ordish, John Bishop
Starring: Paul Daniels

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