Friday 5 August 2022

Grange Hill / The Gaffer

Ever keen to show willing and set a tentative foot outside of what their therapist tag-team refers to as a 'comfort zone', the hosts of The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour bite the bullet and wade into the unmitigated squalor of vintage televisual entertainment, pegs on noses and smelling salts at hand.

The first stop on this week's voyage of absolute judgement is Grange Hill comprehensive, where the curriculum appears to be taking second place to evening-jobs, underage drinking and non-sterile medical facilities (yes, it's THAT episode). Then it's a foray into grotty working life under the auspices of Wilberforce Maynard as The Gaffer, at which point it appears that alienating friends and developing a near-lethal narcotics habit actually had more laughs after all...

How many other podcasts start laying into sitcom continuity before the programme has even started properly? How many other presenters eschew All The Issues to fixate on Greater London bus routes of 30+ years ago and moshing to Status Quo? How many times does one have to Just Say No?

There's one way to find out, and it involves Just Pressing Play...

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Grange Hill
Broadcast: Friday 21 February 1986, 17:10
Production/Channel: Children's BBC, BBC One
Writer: Margaret Simpson, Anthony Minghella / Norma Flint
Music: Alan Hawkshaw
Producer/Director: Ronald Smedley, David Bell
Starring: Lee Macdonald, Erkan Mustafa, Fiona Mogridge, Sara McGlasson

The Gaffer
Broadcast: Friday 09 January 1981, 20:30
Production/Channel: Yorkshire Television, ITV
Writer: Graham White
Music: Brian Wade, Maureen Darbyshire, Nick Sherriff
Producer/Director: Alan Tarrant
Starring: Bill Maynard, Pat Ashton, Russell Hunter

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