Saturday 13 August 2022

Press Gang / Gambit

As regular listeners will surely attest, the presenters of The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour are not renowned for idling, time wasting or messing about, and it's this sleeves-up / down-to-business approach which has made them a leading light in the Vintage Television Podcasting Community. Those are the words Producer Ken wrote for this introduction after he went on that seminar last week, anyway. So that was money well spent.

But it is indeed time to hit the ground running and grab some huge scoops, as Doctor Velvet and Blackout find themselves part of the Press Gang, juggling journalism, school lessons and life-lessons to boot! And speaking of things to be learned, 'Do Not Cross Fred Dineage' should be top of the list if you dare take the Gambit in Anglia Studios...

Where can you find the coolest discotheque outside of Miami? Where can you find the most expensive cutlery outside of Buckingham Palace? And where's the best place to hide when Dineage has got that look of pure temper in his eye? (clue: outside)

Take a twist and find out...

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Press Gang
Broadcast: Monday 16 January 1989, 16:45
Production/Channel: Central Television, ITV
Writer: Steven Moffatt
Music: Peter Davis, John Mealing, John G Perry
Producer/Director: Sandra C Hastie, Colin Nutley
Starring: Julia Sawalha, Dexter Fletcher, Lee Ross, Paul Reynolds, Kelda Holmes, Charlie Creed-Miles, Lucy Benjamin, Angela Bruce, Roger Sloman

Broadcast: Monday 05 April 1982, 17:15
Production/Channel: Anglia Television, ITV
Writer: David Self (questions)
Music: Peter Fenn
Producer/Director: Peter Townley
Starring: Fred Dineage, Michelle Lambourne, Peter Fenn, John Benson

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