Saturday 17 December 2022

Christmas Fresh Fields 1985

Few things yell CHRISTMAS like that feeling of being locked in a room with a braying mob of party-game-obsessed family members who all seem to be merrily intoxicated past the point of caring, whilst you yourself are wondering how long you can politely leave it before REALLY getting stuck into the booze like a seasoned professional.

And so for the second instalment of this year's Peggy Mount Calamity Hour Christmas Specials, Thames Television have kindly brought that enforced bonhomie for us all to enjoy wherever, as the podcast hosts peruse the Fresh Fields Festive Effulgence from 1985. There's tidings, there's tinsel, and there are other words beginning with T which won't go into the show description because of adverse SEO reasons...

How many mince pies is too many for Christmas day, and does the joke become funny at that point? How long should a straight, domestic-sitcom be left doing its thing before safely devolving into chaotic, drunken ad-libbing for optimum, refreshing effect? And how long can Blackout keep up this Scrooge-like, grumpy demeanour when faced with some of the cosiest Christmas television ever created?

Drag everyone into a circle in the living room, press Play and find out...


Fresh Fields
Broadcast: Wednesday 25 December 1985, 18:45
Production/Channel: Thames Television, ITV
Writer: John T. Chapman
Music: Harry Stoneham
Producer/Director: Peter Frazer-Jones
Starring: Julia McKenzie, Anton Rodgers, Ann Beach, Fanny Rowe, Ballard Berkeley, Daphne Oxenford, John Arthur, Zulema Dene, Debby Cumming

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