Saturday 24 December 2022

All Star Comedy Carnival, Christmas 1972

Twas the night before Christmas and through MountPeg Towers, bottles of port, red wine and brown ale had been strategically placed into a series of time-lock-release safes to ensure an even spread of gradual inebriation throughout the twenty-fifth thereby ensuring it's not all gone after two hours.

Yes, the day is almost upon us and The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour's festive celebrations peak once more with the god-tier array of light entertainment name-dropping that is ITV's 1972 showcase, All Star Comedy Carnival (that's right, the one from every fifth-or-so Steps Up The Mountain). With Blair, Grayson, Tarby, Wogan, Rod Hull, Moira Anderson AND PEGGY MOUNT, everything you have ever wanted waits in here...

How slowly can time pass while you're waiting for a four-minute On The Buses Christmas Sketch to end? How quickly does a programme have to oscillate between low-brow autopilot sitcom and high-precision performance art to give viewers the televisual bends? And how on earth is your favourite* vintage TV podcast going to top this?

Unwrap. Press Play. Be as disappointed as every year.

*go on, admit it.


All Star Comedy Carnival

Broadcast: Monday 25 Decemver 1972, 17:45

Production/Channel: ATV, Granada, Thames, LWT, Yorkshire Television / ITV

Writers: Brad Ashton, Bryan Blackburn, Roy Bottomley, Tom Brennand, Brian Cooke, Mike Craig, Eric Davidson, Harry Driver, Peter Dulay, John Esmonde, Bob Grant, Tony Hawes, Lawrie Kinsley, Bob Larbey, Stephen Lewis, Ron McDonnell, Johnnie Mortimer, Vince Powell, Maurice Sellar, Roy Tuvey

Music: Ronnie Aldrich, Russell Burgess, Syd Lawrence, Johnny Patrick

Producers: Stuart Allen, Philip Casson, Les Chatfield, Peter Dulay, Terry Henebery, Bill Hitchcock, Bryan Izzard, Philip Jones, Mike Lloyd, Bill Podmore, William G. Stewart, Mark Stuart

Directors: Terry Henebery, Stuart Allen, Les Chatfield, Bryan Izzard, Mike Lloyd, David Mallet, Bill Podmore, William G. Stewart

Starring: Jimmy Tarbuck, Peggy Mount, Moira Anderson, Anne Aston, Hylda Baker, Lynda Bellingham, Lionel Blair, Judy Buxton, Patrick Cargill, Leslie Crowther, Les Dawson, Ann George, Noele Gordon, Bob Grant, Larry Grayson, Doris Hare, Rod Hull, Tony Jacklin, Jimmy Jewell, Anna Karen, Penny Lane, Stephen Lewis, Hugh Lloyd, Larry Martyn, David Nixon, Sylvia Syms, Bob Todd, Rudolph Walker, Mona Washbourne, Carl Wayne, Terry Wogan, Harry Worth

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