Saturday 31 December 2022

The New Year Party 1983/84

As another year draws to an appropriately ignominious end, the three brave souls of The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour weather the cold to trek north of The Border and warm their weary cockles by the fireside of Caledonian hospitality, and perhaps enjoy a dram or two into the bargain...

Yes, it's time for The New Year Party, BBC Scotland's televised Hogmanay bash from the arse-end of 1983, where the two Bs (McCue and Torrance), are joined by the two Ms (Moone and Anderson) for an evening of songs, dancing, comedy, dancing, pipes and yes why not let's have a bit more dancing. There's something for EVERYONE here! Providing everyone doesn't mind the dancing.

How many laws of the space-time continuum have been broken in Glasgow to fit so many people into a studio which is clearly three adjoining store cupboards with the walls knocked through? How many officers of the Health & Safety Directive have been ignored in allowing those people to drink and smoke to their hearts' content throughout? And how many of Scotland's audiologists managed to rack up the overtime in January due to the catastrophic hearing damage caused by that Olympic-sized pipe band?

Mak your muckles, deep fry your kebabs, press Play and find out...


The New Year Party
Broadcast: Saturday 31 December 1983, 23:30
Production/Channel: BBC Scotland, BBC One (Scotland)
Music: David Pringle
Producer/Director: Anne Somers, Alasdair Macmillan
Starring: Bill McCue, Bill Torrance, Moira Anderson, Maggie Moone, Hector Nicol, Sydney Devine, Colette, 'Tiger' Tim Stevens, The Boghall & Bathgate Pipe Band, The Double Bill Dancers, Pipe Major Robert H Martin, The Jim Johnstone Scottish Country Dance Band


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