Friday 22 December 2023

Give Us A Clue at Christmas

No, you're not seeing double - this is the second of The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour Christmas Specials! Although given that trouble co-ordinating and an inability to communicate clearly are the order of the day with this festive viewing, blurred vision just feels par for the course frankly.

To get them in the mood for games, our hosts revisit ITV's 1979 Christmas-edition of Give Us A Clue, a show whose very title suggests that things are supposed to get clearer as they progress. In actuality the exact reverse seems to have been true that day in Thames Television, but with an assemblage of light entertainment royalty such as this, who's keeping score? Certainly not Michael Aspel, that's for sure...

Who proposed stripping the catering budget down to Netto egg sandwiches for the preceding eleven months to allow the off-licence run for this show to take place? Who was responsible for retooling the on-screen countdown clock, but then decided to blow that money on another bottle of port instead? And who's going to break it to the orphans that Dickie Davies has opened all their presents?

Rely on a production-runner to press Play thirty seconds sooner than they usually would, and find out...

[Bonus points and/or an extra Cadbury's Rose (just the one) will be awarded to listeners who know what a Spelk™ is]


Give Us A Clue
Broadcast: Mon 24 December 1979, 19:00
Production/Channel: Thames Television, ITV
Writer: Vince Powell, Juliet Grimm
Music: Alan Hawkshaw
Producer/Director: Juliet Grimm, Ian Bolt
Starring: Michael Aspel, Una Stubbs, Lionel Blair, Paula Wilcox, Nyree Dawn Porter, Clodagh Rogers, Beryl Reid, Kenneth Williams, Spike Milligan, Russ Abbot, Dickie Davies

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