Sunday 24 December 2023

Chas & Dave's Christmas Knees-Up

Christmas comes but once a year, yet thrice it 'casts into your ear(s)! Yes, with the dinner eaten and the games over, the party is in full swing as The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour's festive delving culminates its way to the yuletide jamboree! Approaching an advanced state of refreshment, Doctor Velvet, Blackout and Ozzy Bognops are in the mood for some salt-of-the-earth tinkling of The Old Joann-oh™, and so it's naturally to The Light Channel they turn.

And boogey-woogeying its way down to a studio-approximation of the East End is 1982's incomparable Chas & Dave's Christmas Knees-Up (YouTube edit / ITVx version), where the cockney duo rattle out a handful of their own hits while playing host to Jimmy Cricket, Lennie Peters, Cosmotheka, Albert Lee and Eric Clapton. Variety shows are bread and butter pudding to this podcast of course, and live musical acts come under particular scrutiny - so it's anyone's guess as to how far the goodwill of this particular season will stretch...

Are Chas and Dave starting to regret phoning up their most famous mates for a jam? Has Lennie Peters come down to sort out some right muppet who's bin bad-maafing his mannah? And is Alyn Ainsworth hiding in the Rancor pit?

Put your beer in the sideboard here, let mother press Play and find out...

[Bonus points and/or an extra jellied eel will be awarded to listeners who can sing along AND do The Thirds]


Chas & Dave's Christmas Knees-Up
Broadcast: Sat 25 December 1982, 21:30
Production/Channel: London Weekend Television, ITV
Music: Alyn Ainsworth, Trevor Brown
Producer/Director: David Bell, Alasdair Macmillan
Starring: Chas Hodges, Dave Peacock, Mick Burt, Jimmy Cricket, Cosmotheka, Albert Lee, Eric Clapton

And for your attention, a story in three acts:

This drink-stability liability:

And of course these absolute legends:

So rub-a-dub-pub
and Merry Christmas
x X x

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