Sunday 31 December 2023

Live Into '85 (the New Year show)

JINGS! They said it couldn't be done! Well, they said it shouldn't be done, and they turned out to be right. Yes, it's another edition of The Peggy Mount Hogmanay Hour, and drunken sassenachs Velvet, Blackout and Bognops have stormed the passport control booth at Hadrian's Wall on a haphazard hunt north of the border for some Caledonian culture...

Unfortunately that all sold out a week before Christmas, and all that's left in the gift shop is BBC One's near-legendary end of year debacle: Live Into '85. Laird Tom O'Connor joins with Marquess Maggie Moone and Marquee Moira Anderson to host a rousing night of comedy, dancing, music and fun! Or again, that's what Tom had been booked for until discovering it had sold out etc. More guests appear entirely at their own risk. As at least one of them found out.

Were the BBC cutting broadcast costs by pulling the plug on this while Big Ben was still chiming? Were Big Tom's Pipe Band cutting parking costs by keeping the minibus engine running outside? And what were the management of the Gleneagles Hotel hoping to achieve by combining their all-you-can-drink bar with the crèche?

Push Play to have the answers revealed and branded into your eardrums forever...


Live Into '85
Broadcast: Monday 31 December 1984, 23:40
Production/Channel: BBC Scotland, BBC One
Music: David Pringle
Director: Alasdair MacMillan, Anne Somers
Starring: Tom O'Connor, Moira Anderson, Maggie Moone, Bill Torrance, Chic Murray, John Grieve, Modern Romance, Buff Hardie, Steve Robinson, Pipe Major James Liddel, The Pipes and Drums of British Caledonian Airways, The Jim Johnstone Scottish Country Dance Band, The Tom McShane Dancers

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